-As a teaching professional and a member of the PGA of America, I keep learning simple. Knowing how confusing golf can be, I use technology along with years of "old school" experience to help navigate you through the process of becoming a knowledgeable and successful golfer.  On your own golf can be a tough game to master, but with my help, you will achieve proper technique and proficiency in all aspects of the game. Starting every player on a blank page, your goals and expectations are my key to designing a plan suitable for your game I will evaluate your swing and fundamentals to develop a strategy that meets your goals. Your keys to success are allowing me to show you the fundamentals, methods, and practice drills that are proven to work while not trying to find easy solutions that only work for one day.       

While there are no short cuts to becoming a better player I will guide you to whatever your aspirations may be whether that is getting better out of sand traps, winning tournaments, or playing college or professional golf. Teaching golf professionally since 2001, I have helped players like you, achieve success at recreational, junior, college, and professional levels. I welcome golfers at all levels and enjoy working with them on any aspect of their game. Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that my passion for the game shows in every lesson.

 With a degree in Kinesiology, along with years of experience working with some of the greatest instructors in the game including Bob Toski and Dr. Jim Suttie, my job is to ultimately teach you to “own your swing” so you will understand it and eventually be able to make the necessary corrections on your own.  I understand how the body moves during the golf swing and can quickly identify the root causes of your swing faults. Find out how video analysis combined with the science of exercise can make your swing simple and powerful.


-As an accomplished player, I have been a member of the Wisconsin PGA Nelthorpe Cup team alongside the top PGA Professionals in the state of Wisconsin. I have played in numerous Wisconsin State Opens, WPGA Match Play, WPGA Club Pro Championships, WPGA Section and WPGA Assistant events (back in the day), (winning a few and not winning a lot!). I think I still am tied for the course record at Washington County Golf Course - 65.