All lessons include  

Instruction begins with an interview to determine your goals, your golf game, your objectives. Nate captures your swing on high speed video. He then analyzes and reviews your swing with you. Next, specific drills will be introduced allowing for proper swing improvements to be made.

Private Lessons
Private lessons focus on a specific part of your game such as the full swing, short game or putting. These lessons are dictated purely by the students desire to learn that specific part of the game. 

Adult Lessons - Students 18 and older. 1-2 students.

Junior Lessons - Students 17 years old and under

Series of Lessons- These lessons can only be used for the individual or individuals they are intended for and not for multiple students

Playing Lessons
On course lessons focus on course management and scoring. Nate will show you how to maximize your scoring ability and put good use to your improved ball striking. He will go through each shot with you to determine the proper play. Nate will show you how to shave strokes off of your score by using sound strategy.

Group Lessons 

  • Make your own group - Friends, Families, Etc.
  • Video Analysis
  • Free Range Balls
  • Beginners welcome!!