“Nate Gray is an outstanding teaching professional. His insights and training drills are among the best. Nate is able to quickly assess your ability and design a lesson plan with drills that fit your long-term goals, but also giving you some tips with immediate results.  When I started taking lessons 4 years ago I had a very high handicap, now I am breaking 90. Nate is totally dedicated to his students.”  

Nancy Kornfeld
Menomonee Falls, WI

              ”I’m a single-digit handicap player that has often struggled with consistent ball striking and scoring.  When I first met with Nate we didn’t talk about “quick fixes”, instead Nate focused on swing fundamentals that were keeping me from achieving my best results.  One step at a time we’ve worked to build a fundamentally sound and repeatable swing.   I’m thrilled with the results and this year I’ve enjoyed the most consistent scoring I’ve experienced in many years. Nate has a remarkable understanding of the golf swing and an equally remarkable ability, with the assistance of video, to help students understand their personal golf swing, implement improvement and ultimately increase enjoyment of the game. Nate takes great pride and pleasure in seeing students, of any ability, improve and get more enjoyment out of their golf.

            I recommend to anyone seriously interested in improving, work with Nate over a series of lessons. I can assure you that you’ll enjoy the experience of working with one of the best, well qualified and insightful instructors in the entire Midwest.”

George Whitaker
Elm Grove, WI

                “Nate has a tremendous knowledge of the golf swing, and his embrace of video technology and not gimmicks, has definitely given me an understanding of my swing.”

Bob Kuster
Milwaukee, WI

            “I began working with Nate Gray when I was 12 years old and Nate was the Assistant Professional at Washington County Golf Course in Hartford, WI.  As a golfer who has pursued the sport seriously throughout high school, college, and beyond I can say that Nate without a doubt has helped instill both the fundamentals and hard work it takes to become the best player I can be while incorporating a lot of fun and entertainment along the way.  Without the mentoring of Nate I would not love the game of golf as much as I do today.”

Sam Weber
Hartland, WI